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Place of Origin:
Ohio, United States
Brand Name:
Germicide Hand Wipes
Model Number:
E-Cigarette, Other


Germicidal Hand Wipes-Effective against MRSA, 220 wipes per tub, Conveniently packaged 6 tubs per carton. Kills 99.99% of germs.

Infection Prevention is in your Hands!! Are you prepared for Flu Season? Antimicrobial Alcohol Gel Hand Wipes. Proven to kill 99.99% of Germs on hands. 65.9% alcohol content (effective against MRSA). Wipes remove soil; gels alone do not. 220 pre-moistened wipes clean & sanitize hands. Catalog number SGGWP-B65. $15.75 per tub (Conveniently packed 6 tubs per carton-but can be ordered individually). Contact office for a informational flyer. Germicide Hand Wipes vs. Alcohol Gel Rubs-- Provides friction to remove soil from hands-Wipes YES Rubs NO. Ensures consistent/proper amount of antimicrobial active ingredients each time used-Wipes YES Rubs NO. Has a clog-free dispenser-Wipes YES Rubs NO. Can be used anywhere-Wipes and Rubs YES. Effective in reducing microorganisms on hands, wrists and forearms. -Wipes and Rubs YES. Contains moisturizers- Wipes YES Rubs-Some